Tiki and Mid-Century Modern Inspired Creative Office Decor

Now that the studio I rent at Keystone Art Space has become my full-time office, I'm motivated to get it into shape to be both functional and inspirational.  This initial project has been a fun endeavor as I work to see how I can manage to stay within my budget of $500 while still making a sizable impact.  

To start my design process, I always source a wide range of options, even if they're out of reach, just to begin envisioning the look and feel I want for my project.  I eventually want my studio to have a great mid-century modern tropical tiki vibe...think Trader Sam's meets Mad Men

I also want my studio to be much more functional now that I'm going to be creating there every day.  My main areas of focus have been: 1) Lighting Fixtures, 2) Additional Storage & Organization, 3) Increased Work Surface Area, and 4) Fun[ctional] Accents.  I can definitely source some items from home to help with the process (some lighting fixtures I never got around to hanging on the balcony, tiki mugs from the collection, a bamboo hutch I recently got at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, an unused planter, etc.) but I'm also going to have to buy some new things. 

My initial search has yielded great results, which has left me incredibly indecisive about what I'm going to buy. Some of the items below fit within my budget while others, unfortunately, do not.  Check them out! 

Decisions, decisions.  Well, I can't wait to keep everyone updated on the evolution of my new-and-improved studio.  I've got so many ideas...maybe a plywood accent wall or a thatch ceiling or a mini tiki bar...the options are wide open at this point!

As you might have noticed from my choices above, my go-to places for fun & affordable pieces are often IKEA, CB2, and West Elm.  What are your favorite sources for furniture?