100-Day Project: Day 1 - Lighting Fixtures

A couple of weeks ago, in my post 100-Day Project: Time to Make! I mentioned that I was going to participate in The 100-Day Project hosted by The Great Discontent and Ella Luna. 

Since then I've been narrowing down my options and I've finally arrived at one: textile designs.  I've had some product and furniture design projects in mind but haven't found exactly the right fabrics for them so I've really gotten into the idea of designing my own.  I've been really inspired by a fabric design series on Creativebug (in partnership with Spoonflower) that I mentioned in my post Textile & Sewing Resources for Beginners

So, 100 days of fabric design it is!  I decided that just coming up with patterns randomly would be way too open ended for me so I brainstormed 100 words related to mid-century modern design & tiki culture.  After throwing my list into a randomizer, I came up with a plan of action for the next 100 days.  Since the list takes up a ton of space, it's at the bottom of this post in case you're interested in what's to come. 

Each day I'm going to find inspiration based on the prompt in the list, sketch out a fabric design using a cool little technique I'm learned, and then use trace to create the repeat with marker.  I considered coloring the pattern but have decided it just takes too long to make this project sustainable.  

Materials needed:

  • Small sketchbook (I got one with exactly 100 pages) 
  • Trace paper
  • Pencil 
  • Artist pen 
  • Scanner (when available) or camera
  • Laptop (so I can blog about my progress!)

I think this project should be perfect for traveling - especially since I'm kicking this thing off 3000 miles from home.  

And that brings us to Day 1: Lighting Fixtures.  As soon as I saw this prompt, the new lights hanging in Disney's Polynesian Village Resort lobby came to mind.  Here's a picture I took when I was there at the end of February: 

I sketched (and erased) for quite a while to get the basic pattern.  The technique I use to ensure the pattern can repeat requires that I rip my paper in half once, tape back together with opposite edges touching, sketch some more, and then repeat that process by ripping it in half in the opposite direction.  Kind of confusing to explain but as you'll see, this sketch (and all others to come) has been ripped apart and taped back together so that the pattern can extend to the edges and then be repeated. 

After my sketch was complete, I traced over it with my artist pen on trace paper so that I could see how it looked when it repeated: 

Today I attempted to color this one in but it took about 2 hours and didn't look that much more interesting even with and without a background.  Lesson learned.  I'm sticking to black and white.  I think. 

Overall, I'm hoping that I get faster and better at these over time.  I haven't really drawn in a few years so I'm definitely a little rusty! In general, my plan is to use some of these as the starting point to go digital and make patterns that I'll get printed.  At least I'll have 100 options to choose from! 

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Oh, and here's that list of prompts for the next 100 days.  I'm excited to see how this evolves!  

  1. Lighting Fixtures 
  2. Flowers
  3. Office
  4. Water
  5. Birds
  6. Net
  7. Tiki Mug
  8. Charles and Ray Eames
  9. Enchanted Tiki Room 
  10. Grog Log 
  11. Cocktails
  12. Sea Urchin Shells
  13. John Lautner
  14. Sheats Goldstein Residence 
  15. Night 
  16. Terrace 
  17. Coconut
  18. Housewares
  19. Shells
  20. Stones 
  21. Music
  22. Shelves 
  23. A-Frame
  24. Flooring
  25. Fire 
  26. Umbrellas
  27. Puffer Fish 
  28. Beach
  29. Flo's V8 Cafe 
  30. Pupu Platter 
  31. Pattern
  32. Drink Garnish 
  33. Concrete Block Screens 
  34. Paradise 
  35. Rolly Krump 
  36. Case Study House #21
  37. Dole Whip 
  38. Lei
  39. Fish 
  40. Living Room 
  41. Barware 
  42. Pineapple
  43. Lounge
  44. Polynesian 
  45. Home
  46. Glasses
  47. Sand
  48. Fashion 
  49. Prime Time Cafe
  50. Garden
  51. Cars
  52. Treasure 
  53. Richard Neutra 
  54. Flamingos 
  55. Leaves
  56. Cocktail Napkins 
  57. Tomorrowland 
  58. Chairs 
  59. Architecture
  60. Adventureland
  61. Eero Saarinen 
  62. Tonga Hut 
  63. Jungle Cruise 
  64. Trader Sam's 
  65. Restaurant
  66. Plants
  67. Hawaii
  68. Luau
  69. Tiki Masks
  70. Pillows
  71. Sun
  72. Mary Blair 
  73. Party 
  74. Dinner
  75. Jewelry
  76. Volcano
  77. Cove
  78. Nautical 
  79. Kitchen
  80. Liquor 
  81. Palm Springs
  82. Oasis 
  83. Bamboo
  84. Palm Tree
  85. Joseph Eichler 
  86. Los Angeles
  87. Travel 
  88. Hula
  89. Fruit 
  90. Signage
  91. Sci Fi Dine In 
  92. Tiki Bar
  93. Doors 
  94. LADWP Building 
  95. Hotel 
  96. Coconut Club 
  97. Barrel
  98. Hut 
  99. Swizzle Sticks
  100. Cameras