100-Day Project: Day 3 - Office

The prompt today was: Office. I immediately thought of Don Draper's office on Mad Men and decided to use that as inspiration. I'm hoping my own creative studio will eventually be a Mad Men/Trader Sam's hybrid as I mentioned in my post about my ideal Creative Office Decor.  

Today, I took a peek at some pictures, like the one below to inspire my own version of a mid-century modern office.  

Here's what I came up with! All of the parallel edges were a little difficult to keep consistent especially doing this freehand.  I also had a little difficulty with the location of the seam for the repeat.  Next time I'll tape my ripped up sketch paper back together in a way that keeps large continuous lines like the one on the sofa intact.  I'll also make sure that things like the lamps don't necessarily get cut in half.  Nevertheless, it's another pattern idea in the books! 

In case you're new to this project and want to know exactly what it's all about, check out the post I made on Day 1 of The 100-Day Project.