Bright Ideas to Brighten Your Home

This past week, my family experienced a huge loss when my grandmother passed away. She's been perhaps the largest guiding force in my life, more of a parent than a grandparent really, and is largely responsible for where I am today.  Overall, we've been focusing on celebrating her life and amazing spirit.  Since her passing, we've taken time to reflect on the great memories we shared with her, sort through lots of great old pictures, and unearth some pretty amazing historical documents and family records.  I even found some of my grandfathers pay stubs from when he was working at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in the 60's!  Another epic find has been this brochure printed in 1960 kept in almost pristine condition in my grandma's filing cabinet.  I really couldn't help but share it.  I think it's pretty cool and see all sorts of potential for collage work with the content inside (but I doubt I can actually bring myself to ever cut it up)!  Enjoy!