An Open Heart About Open Studios

This Saturday, Keystone Art Space hosted its sixth biannual Open Studios event.  While I've had my space since October of 2013, I previously hadn't opened my door to the public since the winter Open Studios of that year.  Back then, my space was dedicated to a collective architectural pursuit with two other friends that has since disbanded.  This time around, I was debuting my new independent design consulting work and the blog/soon-to-be-brand that is Modern Tiki Lounge. 

It was a good moment to reflect back on the past five months and how they've transpired.  I realized how so much of my time has been devoted to doing design work for other people (paychecks are always greatly appreciated) but so little has been devoted to my own creative pursuits. I have, quite honestly, been crippled to some extent by my grandmother's death this past April.  Sadness manifests itself in all sorts of ways and mine has lead to a certain level of inaction.  But, on a happier note, my grandmother was the leading force behind me quitting a job that was making me unhappy in pursuit of carving out success on my own terms.  And Saturday night was quite an affirmation of that decision (in spite of my lack of things to sell or creative work to show).  I can't count the amount of times I clinked glasses with people that passed through in celebration of this decision or the amount of times that people told me how they appreciated the little studio and "vibe" I've created.  They were excited to see where my work is heading, which has been such a great burst of motivation for me to make sure I really dedicate time to materializing the products I've had in mind.  

I'm happy I managed to pull my space together in a week's time and I'm reinvigorated and excited to get to work this Monday.  I'm blown away by the overwhelming positive response to what I have been up to and I'm sure my grandmother would be elated to see how this life move continues to unfold.  To those who came out (and to those who have reached out remotely & digitally), thank you for your support, encouragement, appreciation of my drinks, etc.  

Onward and upward, my friends.