3 Great Spots for Breakfast & Brunch in New Orleans

As I mentioned in my first post of this New Orleans series about our awesome accommodations, I'm going to be recapping some of the highlights of last month's trip in a series of posts.  This one is focusing on some of our favorite spots for breakfast & brunch (and, boy, does the Big Easy know how to do those well). Based on this trip and prior experiences, here are my top choices at multiple budget levels: 


Brennan's ($$$)

So I'm not usually one to pick favorites when it comes to restaurants, but Brennan's is hands down my favorite breakfast/brunch spot in New Orleans.  I've eaten there on every one of my trips and it hasn't failed me yet.  Compared to some of the other high-end brunch spots in the city, this one is the most consistently good overall and it keeps me dreaming about coming back.  There's something about Brennan's decor, pink exterior, and location in the heart of the French Quarter that also adds to its charm. 

I always order the Eggs Hussarde (perfectly done Eggs Benedict with marchand de vin sauce) and the original Bananas Foster, which was invented there.  Both dishes are rich and exploding with flavor.  As an added bonus, the Bananas Foster is prepared table-side.  Sometimes the person making it will give a little history lesson or an explanation of what's going on leading up to the momentous flames that burst out of the pan.  This past trip, Greg and I also sampled the Egg Yolk Carpaccio and he's still talking about it.  

eggs hussarde

bananas foster

I haven't had the opportunity to sample any of the alcoholic beverages at Brennan's but next time around we're definitely going to try the Caribbean Milk Punch - looks delicious! 

This place is fancy so you have to dress up and be ready to shell out some money but it's definitely worth it - one of my favorite breakfasts served anywhere! 



Atchafalaya ($$)

For someone looking for a solid brunch spot with some inventive offerings, Atchafalaya is definitely worth checking out.  It's more casual than Brennan's but still extremely good.  Located in a sleepier part of town just south of Magazine St., a visit to this spot also offers a change of scenery for anyone primarily touring around the French Quarter. 

Atchafalaya's neighboring architecture

The Duck Hash is our family's favorite item on the menu.  It's Eggs Benedict (noticing a trend? New Orleans is just great at those) with duck confit, mango, blackberries, and bacon vinaigrette.  Also to note are the sausages and the some of the plates that offer a little more spice. 

duck hash

Fair warning: "crystal" is apparently a hot sauce common in New Orleans (or maybe the whole south?) so anything on the menu that mentions it will have a little bit of a kick. 

Like Brennan's, we haven't tried any of the cocktails at Atchafalaya but their Bloody Mary bar is the craziest I think I've ever seen. Oh, also, random tiki sighting at the bar. 


District Donuts Sliders Brew ($)

Alright, so this spot was entirely a fluke discovery.  We were headed to Stein's Market & Deli (on Magazine St.) for breakfast on the way to my sister's graduation from Tulane but it wasn't open yet so we opted for the place next door instead.  District Donuts Sliders Brew is a grab and go (or sit down and enjoy) kind of spot - definitely the least expensive & fastest of these three options.  

The breakfast menu is fairly limited but the three of us ordered: some iced tea, the breakfast taco of the day (which had a fresh flour tortilla and cilantro cream sauce as far as I remember), a breakfast sandwich (with some great bacon on it), and a donut.  Our plan was to enjoy our breakfast once seated inside the Superdome for the graduation but we were unfortunately forced to quickly eat/drink everything while standing in the security line. 

That much being said, the taco and sandwich were exceptional and according to my mom, who doesn't like donuts too much, their donut was the best she's ever had.  I'm not a coffee drinker so I've sampled quite a few iced teas in my time and District's was right up there with the best.  

Major apologies for the lack of photos.  Our expectations were low going in and once we realized we literally had to shove our food in our faces, there was no opportunity to document the goodness that we hastily enjoyed.  Oh well, next time.  For now, I offer you a picture of said New Orleans graduation: 


Have any favorite breakfast or brunch restaurants in New Orleans that I didn't mention?   Please share in the Comments section below!