Returning After a Long Hiatus

Hello again and sorry for my absence!  Quite a bit has been happening since I last posted.  I sadly fell off the radar with my 100-Day Project but I'm contemplating continuing it at my own pace or creating an abbreviated set of work.  I was enjoying it until life got in the way.  Life has also gotten in the way of our Grog Logging!  We haven't logged since March - hopefully, we'll make it out to the Tonga Hut this week!  Beyond getting bombarded with lots of design consulting work (this is a good thing), April and May were jam-packed with travel.  I'll be posting more about my trips later but here are some of the things I've been up to: 

Got to spend a race weekend in Disneyland with my mom as we ran the Tinker Bell 10K & Half Marathon.  I managed to introduce her to Tangaroa Terrace & Trader Sam's along the way.  

We then zipped off to New Orleans where we stayed at a great Airbnb rental designed and owned by Valorie Hart [more on that here].  My boyfriend and I also got to FINALLY experience Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29 with my sister and her boyfriend who were both graduating from Tulane.  Lots of good drink sampling all around.  Hopefully, I still remember everything we drank!  

The next weekend, we were off to San Francisco where I was planning on doing a tiki tour in addition to attending a wedding.  Many of my top picks were listed in a post I made about our Top 8 Tiki Destinations to Check Out in California.  In the end, we were only able to make it out to Trader Vic's (exceptional Mai Tai!) and the Tonga Room.  I'm glad to have gotten to experience both but there are still many other places (like Smuggler's Cove) that we wish we would have tried. 

And the last weekend of May was spent celebrating my 7th reunion at Princeton (I go back every year, it's a thing).  Not too much tiki-related there besides getting to sip on some nice rum along the way!  Oh, and the 5th reunion was pirate-themed so lots of fun rum references there as well.  The weekend ended with me getting knocked out for a week of lying in bed sick but I've finally recovered (thankfully)!  

I'm excited to start turning my focus back to this little brand since this was the side-project that motivated me to leave my 9-5 in the first place.  The next two weeks are going to be SUPER busy because we've got an upcoming Open Studios event at Keystone Art Space.  

I'm hoping to whip my studio into shape and to have some things to sell at the Five for Under One Hundred pop-up shop and/or my studio.  This is going to be tough (but fun)!  I can't wait to open my space up to the public for the first time!