Modern Tiki Life: July 5, 2015

A weekly recap of snapshots documenting our adventures, happenings, eats, and cocktails.

Did some design consulting work at the studio.

Headed to Hyperion Public. Drank an HP2O and a Build-a-Buck (rum) alongside some eats.

Enjoyed the view.

And the local foliage and architecture.

Served up a Krakatoa Hurricane for Tiki Mug Monday in honor of the start of our week-long New Orleans series.

Headed to Idle Hour to check out the Crazy California Roadside Architecture and get some food & drinks.

Got the wedge salad and the pretzel.

Liked this building on the back patio.

Headed to the Tonga Hut for some Grog Logging

Can you tell why we love this place?

Ordered some Krakatoas in honor of our Tiki Mug Monday theme.  That drink was a doozy!

Said goodbye to this guy 'til next week.

Walked Gatsby.

Made a Mai Tai in honor of National Mai Tai Day.  Ours was a little gnarly looking since we only had blue curaçao on hand. 

Went to Thursday Night Social at Keystone Art Lab for a print-making session.  These were made with potatoes elementary school style. 

Carved some tropical leaves into a block.

This could be a fun fabric print!

Played around with a lime print too.

Headed out for a holiday weekend day at the beach with Gatsby.

Gatsby got Greg's towel very, very sandy.

Started our 10K/Half Marathon training for the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend this fall (our 4th one!).  Saw this funny car along the way.

Headed out to San Fernando for the 4th.

Also spotted Jupiter and Venus in the night sky.