10 New Gold Pieces from CB2 that Add Some Glam to Any Space

I'm the first to admit, I'm a really big fan of CB2.  I think it's because I've moved beyond first apartment furniture (Ikea, I still love you) but I'm not quite at the point in my life where I can afford Design Within Reach (or, as I like to call it, Design Just Out of Reach).  

Beyond their good price point, CB2 has consistently been great at staying on trend.  I can always count on them to introduce new pieces that I want to go out and buy even if I don't necessarily need them.  Naturally, when I got their latest catalog that said they had 400 new products in stock, I started flipping through it immediately.  

Out of everything, my favorite pieces are definitely the gold ones!  I think it's because lately I've been really into interiors that pair gold against dark woods and jewel tones like dark teal.  This combination has the potential to look really elegant - think art deco meets high-end tropical resort.  Basically, Havana in the Roaring Twenties. 

Want to get this look?  Here are our top 10 picks - there's something for every budget!  Pair these against darker furniture pieces and finishes and you can pretty much class up a space instantly.  

Colada Vase 

Because gold pineapples are kind of everything right now.  This vase is just screaming for a spiky succulent to top it off.



The site says this pattern is supposed to mimic waves.  We like it because it reminds us a lot of the tropical leaf patterns that are popular right now.  This would look great at a dinner party featuring lots of rum cocktails.


Pilar Pencil Cup

As much as I love my Trader Sam's tiki mug that I use as a pencil holder, this might be its replacement.  This is one of those examples that proves that gold pairs really well with pastels.  Also, we're kind of obsessed with aqua.


Prisma Picture Frame

This picture frame is so unique looking.  It's really an object that you'd want on a shelf regardless of the image in it.  It also has sturdy supports built into the design.  Finally, a picture frame that doesn't annoyingly fall over.  


Melrose Panel

This is some serious art deco!  It's difficult to find curtains that do patterns this well. These also seem like they'd be pretty good at blocking out light when needed.  The tone is neutral enough too so they can work in wide variety of spaces. 


Acrylic Tray Table

This table is very similar to one we just specified in a mid-century modern room design.  It seems perfect to have off to the side in your office or living room stocked with a mini-bar Mad Men style! 


Palm Navy and Gold Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Ok, out of all of these options, this one is our clear favorite.  If our studio wall hadn't just gotten a fresh coat of "Tropical Hideaway" paint, we would have totally used this to create a graphic accent wall! 


Plaid Metal Tray

Let's be honest, you can never have enough trays to help accent and organize on top of surfaces like dining tables, credenzas, dressers, and coffee tables.  This one has such great texture to it!


Marble-Rose Gold Small Pedestal Table

To really get the classy resort look, you're going to need some tropical plants.  This stand is perfect for a leafy accent!


Vega Flush Mount Lamp

We're always on the look-out for unique and affordable lighting fixtures.  This one is a good option that would serve as a functional accent to add some pop to a dining room.  We really like how it looks pictured below against a dark ceiling.


Any other products out there that fall into this classy tropical category? Please share - we'd love to hear from you!