Gift Guide: Home Tiki Bar Essentials

Like many fans of all things tiki, we love to mix up our own tropical concoctions at home. Over the years, we've developed a list of our favorite ingredients, supplies, and recipe books as well as many "wish list" items that we would like to have. These 19 finds should help to inspire gifts for any at-home mixologists you may know. Take a look! 

Absolut Elyx & copper pineapple gift set

A copper pineapple perfect for serving tropical drinks paired with Absolut's premium vodka, Absolut Elyx. Each purchase provides one month of safe drinking water to someone in need. 
Price: $144.00
Where to Buy:

Beachbum Berry Remixed

A compilation of recipes from Jeff "Beachbum" Berry's two guides, "Intoxica" and "Grog Log," with some revisions and new recipes as well. This is one of our favorite at-home cocktail guides.
Approximate Price: $29.95
Where to Buy:

Beachbum Berry's Navy Grog Ice Cone Garnish Kit

A kit for creating an ice cone - perfect for accompanying Navy Grog cocktails made at home. This one was developed by Jeff "Beachbum" Berry.
Approximate Price: $18.95
Where to Buy:

Beachbum Berry's Potions of the Caribbean

A beautiful in-depth guide to the history of Caribbean cocktails with accompanying recipes - written by Jeff "Beachbum" Berry. 
Approximate Price: $29.36
Where to Buy:

Drink Umbrellas

Colorful drink umbrellas necessary for garnishing almost all tropical drinks. 
Approximate Price: $3.99 for a 144 pack
Where to Buy:

Flamingo Cocktail Napkins

A 20 pack of retro flamingo cocktail napkins to add some color to any home tiki bar. 
Approximate Price: $12.30 for 20
Where to Buy:

Latitude 29 Coconut Mug

A coconut shaped tiki mug from Jeff "Beachbum" Berry's tiki bar in New Orleans: Latitude 29
Price: $12.95
Where to Buy: Cocktail Kingdom

Latitude 29 Formula Orgeat

The Orgeat syrup used at Beachbum Berry's New Orleans tiki bar, Latitude 29. This formula is sold by Orgeat Works Ltd. and was developed in collaboration with Jeff "Beachbum" Berry. 
Approximate Price: $15.00
Where to Buy:

Neon Flex Straws

A pack of neon straws with extra flex - great for twisting into fun shapes! These are perfect for taller tiki drinks, especially ones served in tiki mugs. 
Approximate Price: $5.99 for 160
Where to Buy:

Pearl Diver Glasses

A pack of four Pearl Diver glasses. These are signature glasses that were once commonly used in mid-century tiki bars and have since been revived with the collaboration of Jeff "Beachbum" Berry and Cocktail Kingdom.  
Price: $36.95 for four
Where to Buy: Cocktail Kingdom

Pineapple Beverage Dispenser

A 6L glass beverage dispenser that is sure to add tropical flair with its pineapple design. Great for serving water, juice, or premixed tiki drinks!
Price: $24.99
Where to Buy: Cost Plus World Market

Old Fashioned Glasses Designed by SHAG

A set of four 14 oz. Old Fashioned glasses designed by everyones favorite retro/tiki artist: Josh Agle aka SHAG. Perfect for serving Mai Tais in style! 
Price: $49.00 for four
Where to Buy: The Shag Store

Seahorse Bottle Opener

A cast iron seahorse bottle opener best used when consuming tropical beers. 
Approximate Price: $6.49
Where to Buy:

Smuggler's Cove

A beautiful guide to all things tiki including great tips to mixing your own drinks at home and a ton of delicious cocktail recipe's from Smugger's Cove's Martin & Rebecca Cate. 
Approximate Price: $17.85
Where to Buy:

Swizzle Cup

The perfect vessel for serving 151 Swizzles among other cocktails. This swizzle cup revival was developed in a collaboration between Cocktail Kingdom and Jeff "Beachbum" Berry.
Price: $14.95
Where to Buy: Cocktail Kingdom

The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Set

A set of 5 bottles of cocktails bitters sure to come in handy when making specialty drinks or looking to add some dimensionality to cocktails. 
Approximate Price: $34.99
Where to Buy:

Tiki Coasters Designed by SHAG

A set of four tiki-themed coasters designed by artist, Josh Agle aka SHAG. 
Price: $32 for set of four
Where to Buy: The Shag Store

Tiki Shot Glasses

A set of four tiki shot glasses for anyone looking to forego the mixed drinks. 
Price: $14.95
Where to Buy: CB2

Tiki Swizzle Sticks

A 24 pack of 6-inch tall tiki-themed swizzle sticks made by Royer Co - perfect for adding some flair to mixed drinks. 
Approximate Price: $6.50 for 24
Where to Buy:

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