Holiday Gift Guide for Christmas Decor ($25 and Under!)

Looking for some great holiday decor for your home this holiday season? Or in need of some festive gifts filled with Christmas spirit? We've got you covered!

Abominable Snowmen

What It Is: Simple, small abominable snowman decorations
Perfect For: Fans of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, abominable snowmen, or cute, frosty decor
Price: $2.95-6.95
Where to Buy: CB2 - Abominable Snowmen

Acrylic Mini Ornament Set

What It Is: A set of 8 tree ornaments ready to be assembled for a modern touch to any Christmas tree
Perfect For: Anyone going with a more pastel Christmas color palette, fans of laser cut goods, or people that like to take a more modern approach to decorating
Price: $16
Where to Buy: Brit + Co: Acrylic Mini Ornament Set

Bottle Brush Ornament - Penguin + Earmuffs

What It Is: A cute little penguin ornament perfect for just about any Christmas tree
Perfect For: Anyone in need of a new ornament or two, fans of penguins, or just anyone who loves cute animals
Price: $10
Where to Buy: West Elm - Bottle Brush Ornament

Christmas: Beyond the Lights - Sons of Serendip

What It Is: Ok, ok, this is not "Christmas Decor" but it will help you get in the Christmas spirit. This is the second album released by an awesome band, Sons of Serendip, who won 4th place on America's Got Talent. They make amazing music so check them out! 
Perfect For: Fans of Christmas songs and anyone who appreciates real, musical talent
Approx. Price: $11.99
Where to Buy: - Christmas: Beyond the Lights

Flake Party Appetizer Plates

What It Is: Small plates for serving appetizers with a nice geometric snowflake-inspired design
Perfect For: Holiday entertainers and anyone in need of some wintery housewares
Price: $5.95 each
Where to Buy: CB2 - Flake Party Appetizer Plates

High Point Tree Topper

What It Is: A quirky little fox tree topper
Perfect For: Fans of non-traditional Christmas decor, new Christmas tree owners, or fans of cute woodland creatures
Price: $21.95
Where to Buy: Land of Nod - High Point Tree Topper

Frosty Otto Ornament

What It Is: A retro Christmas ornament
Perfect For: Mid-century modern enthusiasts, car lovers, and anyone looking for some classic Christmas cheer
Approx. Price: $14
Where to Buy: Dot & Bo - Frosty Otto Ornament

Honeycomb Mercury Scented Candles

What It Is: A holiday-scented candle in a beautiful metallic holder
Perfect For: Candle fanatics, lovers of holiday scents, classy decorators, and anyone who might need some extra help making their home smell like Christmas
Price: $24
Where to Buy: West Elm - Honeycomb Mercury Scented Candles

Knit Stocking

What It Is: A simple, sweater-knit stocking
Perfect For: Anyone in need of a stocking, minimalists, and lovers of subtle Christmas cheer
Price: $19
Where to Buy: West Elm - Knit Stocking

Marshmallow Mugs

What It Is: A set of 4 adorable marshmallow mugs
Perfect For: Hot cocoa lovers, families of four, and marshmallow fans (you may want to even add a little cocoa mix or sweets to this gift for the perfect pairing!)
Price: $28 (ok, you got us, these aren't under $25 but they were just too cute to leave off the list!) 
Where to Buy: Brit + Co: Marshmallow Mugs

Reindeer Throw Pillow 

What It Is: A cute, mid-century modern-esque reindeer pillow
Perfect For: Rudolph fans, mid-century modern enthusiasts, and anyone in need of some additional throw pillows to amp up the holiday spirit at home
Price: $19
Where to Buy: The Land of Nod - Reindeer Throw Pillow

Wood Cut Out Trees

What It Is: Some laser-cut geometric trees
Perfect For: Fans of digital fabrication, abstract Christmas decorations, and minimalist design
Price: $6.95-14.96
Where to Buy: CB2 - Wood Cut Out Trees