Holiday Gift Guide for Creatives & DIYers ($25 & Under!)


With the holidays fast approaching, we've decided to compile some of our favorite gifts under $25 in a series of shopping guides. This guide features a series of resources, kits, and supplies for the Creatives & DIYers on your list this year. Happy shopping! 

642 Things to Draw

What It Is: A sketchbook filled with prompts giving illustrators inspiration for things to draw
Perfect For: Anyone looking to improve their drawing skills, develop a sketchbook, or with a momentary creative block
Approx. Price: $13.24
Where to - 642 Things to Draw

Allydrew Washi Tapes

What It Is: A set of semi-translucent, lightweight washi tapes great for adding a little bit of decoration to just about anything
Perfect For: Scrapbookers, people who like to add a little bit of glam to everything, letter writers, great gift wrappers, people with pretty planners, crafters...really just about anyone
Approx. Price: $12.99
Where to Buy: - Allydrew Washi Tapes

Berry Nice Jam Set

What It Is: A kit to create your own jam
Perfect For: Fruit lovers, foodies, and anyone looking to improve their culinary prowess
Price: $19
Where to BuyDot & Bo - Berry Nice Jam Set

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear - Elizabeth Gilbert

What It Is: A great guide/therapy session/motivational speech about letting going of fear and truly embracing creativity written by the author of Eat Pray Love [PS. We're not just posting this book because it's trendy right now - we've read it and LOVE it!]
Perfect For: Anyone stuck in a creative rut or in need of motivation to keep embracing their artistic pursuits. 
Approx. Price: $13.72
Where to - Big Magic


What It Is: An online course to teach beginners (or rusty painters) the basic skills associated with acrylic painting [PS. We've taken a few Brit + Co courses ourselves and they're really fun, affordable, and helpful!]
Perfect For: Anyone who's been wanting to finally learn how to paint, someone who hasn't picked up a brush in a while but wants to get back to being creative, or someone who doubts their artistic talents
Price: $19
Where to Buy: Brit + Co - Acrylic Painting Online Class

Dino DIY Terrarium

What It Is: A kit to build your own dinosaur habitat that can be populated with any plant(s) of your choice
Perfect For: Dinosaur lovers, plant lovers, DIYers, and anyone in need of some fun decor around the house or on their desk at work
Price: $14.95
Where to BuyCB2 - Dino DIY Terrarium

Gold Foil Tote Kit

What It Is: A DIY kit to decorate a tote with the gold foil design of your choice
Perfect For: Anyone who likes a little glam in their life, tote bag toters, or someone looking to customize a bag for themselves or as a gift
Price: $19
Where to Buy: Brit + Co - Gold Foil Tote Kit

Jungle Weekly Desk Pad

What It Is: A tear-off desk pad used to jot down weekly obligations, to-do's, etc.
Perfect For: Freelancers, both organization fiends and failures, list-makers, and anyone whose life is a jungle
Price: $12
Where to Buy: Idlewild Co. - Jungle Weekly Desk Pad

Laser Cut Statement Necklace Kit

What It Is: A DIY kit with everything needed to create a statement necklace out of acrylic pieces that have been laser cut
Perfect For: Jewelry makers, statement necklace wearers, and anyone interested in digital fabrication
Price: $25
Where to Buy: Brit + Co - Laser Cut Statement Necklace Kit

Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure & Coloring Book - Johanna Basford

What It Is: One of the coolest, most intricate coloring books you'll ever find, besides her others (Enchanted Forest & Secret Garden) of course
Perfect For: The grown-up kid at heart who still loves to practice coloring between the lines
Approx. Price: $10.17
Where to - Lost Ocean

Mini Medley of Soft Cover Notebooks, Set of 10 


What It Is: A set of 10 pocket sized notebooks with lined pages perfect for jotting down ideas of all shapes and sizes
Perfect For: The notebook lover, napkin jotter, constant idea generator, and just about anyone who needs to keep track of their inspiration as soon as it hits
Price: $20
Where to BuyPoppin - Mini Medley of Soft Cover Notebooks

Modern Needleworks DIY Christmas Ornament Needlepoint Kit

What It Is: A small DIY needlepoint kit that results in a homemade ornament (of this design or others you can choose from online)
Perfect For: Needlepoint enthusiasts or anyone looking to learn a new craft
Approx. Price: $21
Where to Buy: Etsy - Modern Needleworks - Christmas Ornament Needlepoint Kit

Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy - Joy Cho

What It Is: A great guide to creating lots of crafty & DIY projects from product designer & blogger Joy Cho [PS. We've been long running fans of Joy Cho and have absolutely loved her books on freelancing and blogging as I discussed in a post about books that convinced me to leave my 9-5]
Perfect For: Anyone that loves to make their own gifts & party decorations or is constantly looking for great DIY projects
Approx. Price: $15.92
Where to Buy: - Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy

Paperboard Coral + Aqua Checka Nesting Desk Set

What It Is: A colorful, stackable desk organizer sure to brighten up any creative workspace [PS. This set is only the tip of the iceberg of what Poppin has to offer. Check out their site for limitless mix & match options!]
Perfect For: Any creative person in need of a little bit of storage & order
Price: $16
Where to Buy: Poppin - Paperboard Coral + Aqua Checka Nesting Desk Set

The Spoonflower Handbook - Stephen Fraser 

What It Is: A DIY guide to designing fabric, wallpaper & gift wrap with 30+ projects
Perfect For: Anyone itching to design their own textiles, great at graphic design, already crafty with a sewing machine, or looking for a new (and very addictive) hobby [PS. Since we bought this book, we've even started tinkering with some fabrics of our own!]
Approx. Price: $17.30
Where to - The Spoonflower Handbook

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