Holiday Gift Guide for Glam Girls ($25 and Under!)

On the quest for the perfect gifts for the girls on your list? These all appeal to the luxurious sensibilities of women so you're sure to find something great for your mom, sister, BFF, Secret Santa name it! Who knows, you may even find some things to add to your own wish list! And while these things might look fancy, they're all budget-friendly at $25 and under! Happy Shopping! 



What It Is: A box of Chuao chocolates sampling 8 unique flavors ranging from Maple Bacon to Potato Chip and Honeycomb
Perfect For: Chocolate lovers (sooo...basically every girl out there), especially the ones who love trying something new (P.S. We can certainly vouch for how great these taste!)
Approx. Price: $11.97
Where to - Chuao Chocolatier 8 Piece Gift Set

Clinique "Whole Lotta Chubby" Set

What It Is: A set of three moisturizing colored lip balms, one stick of eye shadow tint, and one cheek color stick
Perfect For: Makeup lovers or anyone looking to switch up their look
Price: $25
Where to Buy: Sephora - Clinique Whole Lotta Chubby Set

Colada Vase

What It Is: A gold vase with an abstract pineapple design to it
Perfect For: Plant lovers or anyone that needs to add some subtle tropical vibes to their home (even better when paired with a plant to accompany it) 
Price: $5.95
Where to Buy: CB2 - Colada Vase

Diamond Bottle Opener

What It Is: A gold-colored bottle opener in the shape of a diamond ring
Perfect For: The girl who loves to open her beers with a touch of class
Price: $14
Where to Buy: Urban Outfitters - Diamond Bottle Opener

Diamond Ice Cube Tray

What It Is: An ice cube tray that makes diamonds to chill your drinks
Perfect For: The cocktail drinker, the entertainer, or the girl who really feels like diamonds are a girl's best friend
Approx. Price: $10.95
Where to Buy: - Diamond Ice Cube Tray

Fringe Colorblock Soap + Dish Set

What It Is: A great smelling soap with a classy dish to accompany it
Perfect For: Anyone who loves nice scents, soaps, or little dishes
Price: $19
Where to Buy: West Elm - Fringe Colorblock Soap + Dish Set

Geo Salt & Pepper Shakers

What It Is: A pair of gold or silver salt & pepper shakers
Perfect For: Entertainers, new apartment owners, or anyone looking to add a little bling to their life
Price: $24
Where to Buy: West Elm - Geo Salt & Pepper Shakers

Gold Confetti Tumblers

What It Is: A set of two glasses decked out in some gold cheer
Perfect For: Anyone in need of some classy barware and lovers of bubbly (even better if it's paired with this gift!) 
Price: $20
Where to Buy: Brit + Co: Gold Confetti Tumblers

K.O. Earrings by Delusions of Grandeur

What It Is: A pair of gold mirror laser-cut acrylic earrings made by a great jewelry company, Delusions of Grandeur, here in LA
Perfect For: Fans of digital fabrication or anyone who loves bold, geometric jewelry
Price: $24
Where to Buy: Delusions of Grandeur - K.O. Earrings

(Psst - it's over $25 but my absolute favorite piece by Delusions of Grandeur is the Diamond Flats Ring)

May Designs Custom Notebook

What It Is: A notebook that can be customized from inside out. You choose the cover pattern, monogram design & colors, and even what will be on the inside. You can create standard notebooks/journals or choose predesigned layouts for planners, fitness logs, meal planners, coloring books...the list is really endless. We have been obsessed with these journals for years now and have loved each and every one we've ordered. 
Perfect For: Because they can be customized in just about every possible way, we're going to have to say...everyone on your list
Price: $20-23
Where to Buy: May Designs - Custom Notebooks

Minimergency Kit for Her

What It Is: A tiny bag filled with just about anything one might need in case of a minor emergency (hair ties, deodorant wipe, pain reliever, hairspray, needle and thread, etc.) 
Perfect For: The girl on the go, anyone accident prone, or a friend you're just looking out for
Price: $19
Where to Buy: West Elm - Minimergency Kit for Her

Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook

What It Is: A fab cocktail recipe guide filled with fun drinks and great design to back it up
Perfect For: The girl who loves her libations or who loves to host cocktail parties at home
Approx. Price: $12.56
Where to Buy: - Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook

Rhinestone Statement Bracelet Kit 

What It Is: A DIY kit to make a sparkly statement bracelet
Perfect For: The glam girl with a crafty side
Price: $25
Where to Buy: Brit + Co: Rhinestone Statement Bracelet Kit

Sophia Blanc de Blancs 

What It Is: A bubbly mix of Pinot Blanc, Muscat, and Riesling
Perfect For: Anyone who loves sweet, sparkling drinks
Price: $19
Where to Buy: Francis Ford Coppola Winery - Sophia Blanc de Blancs

Tocca Beauty Perfume Gift Set

What It Is: A box of three sweet-smelling Tocca roll-on perfumes
Perfect For: The perfume lover or anyone looking for a new scent to try out
Price: $15
Where to Buy: Sephora - The Nice List Gift Set

Travel the World Desk Calendar

What It Is: A 2016 desktop calendar with beautiful illustrations of different countries featured for each month
Perfect For: The world traveler or anyone in need of some imagery of far-off places to inspire daydreams at work
Approx. Price: $16
Where to Buy: - Travel the World Desk Calendar

Wire Ornament

What It Is: A simple, geometric ornament shaped out of metallic wire
Perfect For: The girl who needs to add some modern bling to her Christmas tree
Price: $3.95-4.95
Where to Buy: CB2 - Wire Ornaments

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