Holiday Gift Guide for Guys ($25 & Under!)

Looking for some cool products, tools, housewares, and clothes perfect for the guys on your list? If you're anything like me, you might find that they're pretty tricky to shop for! Hopefully these will be perfect for your recipients or they'll inspire some other great ideas. And at $25 and under they're sure to fit within your budget! Happy Shopping!

Colorful Fishhook Enamel Mug 

What It Is: A cool, vintage-looking mug covered in fish lures
Perfect For: A fisherman or anyone who enjoys water recreation (and maybe some hipsters as well)
Approx. Price: $12
Where to BuyDot & Bo - Colorful Fishhook Enameled Mug

Gentlemen's Hardware Shoe Shine Kit 

What It Is: A retro-looking shoe shine kit
Perfect For: Someone who wears dress shoes on the daily, a Dapper Dan, or any guy with some shoes in need of some loving
Price: $24
Where to Buy: West Elm - Gentlemen's Hardware Shoe Shine Kit 

Guitar Pick Punch

What It Is: A device that can punch a guitar pick out of any sturdy plastic material
Perfect For: Guitar players that always lose their picks or might want to make some custom ones of their own
Approx. Price: $19.95
Where to Buy: - Pick Punch

Harry's Shaving Kit

What It Is: A deluxe shaving kit that comes with a razor handle, three blade cartridges, blade cover, and shave cream
Perfect For: A man looking to upgrade his shaving routine
Approx. Price: $20
Where to Buy: West Elm - Harry's Shaving Kit

Hey Sailor Crew Socks

What It Is: A pair of socks with a tempting siren design
Perfect For: Tiki & nautical enthusiasts and anyone who loves an interesting pair of socks
Approx. Price: $10
Where to Buy: - Hey Sailor Crew Socks

Impecca Bamboo Calculator 

What It Is: A solar-powered calculator crafted out of bamboo
Perfect For: Anyone who loves the stylin' look of natural wood, someone who deals with numbers constantly, and, of course, anyone who works in the architecture or construction industries
Approx. Price: $21.52
Where to Buy: - Impecca Bamboo Calculator

Kikkerland Classic Survival Tool

What It Is: A seemingly simple piece of metal that contains a ruler, bottle opener, saw edge, can opener, screw driver, knife edge, wrenches, and more
Perfect For: Adventurers, men who can do it all, worst case scenarios, and a stocking that needs stuffing
Approx. Price: $1.56
Where to Buy: - Kikkerland Classic Survival Tool

Old Man Drinks

What It Is: A great compilation of strong drink recipes with some added tips and words of wisdom
Perfect For: Old men (duh) or lovers of stiff-cocktails, whiskey & bourbon, mixology, and a little bit of wisdom
Approx. Price: $10.35
Where to Buy: - Old Man Drinks

Retro Alarm Clock

What It Is: An alarm clock with some vintage styling
Perfect For: A mid-century modern enthusiast, anyone who has trouble waking up or is always running late, or someone in need of some funky looking accessories
Approx. Price: $18.98
Where to Buy: - Kikkerland Retro Alarm Clock

Skyscraper Ornament

What It Is: A colorful, wire skyscraper for the Christmas tree
Perfect For: Fans of New York City, skyscraper enthusiasts, or any architects or engineers you might know
Price: $5.95
Where to Buy: CB2 - Skyscraper Ornament

Soberdough Beer Bread Mix

What It Is: Bread mix that requires your favorite beer in order to prepare the dough for baking
Perfect For: Beer lovers, carb fans, and any man who enjoys spending (at least a little bit of) time in the kitchen
Approx. Price: $12.25
Where to Buy: - Soberdough

Sriracha2Go Keychain

What It Is: 2 mini Sriracha bottles ready to be filled with hot sauce (included) to have on hand whenever needed
Perfect For: Sriracha fans and hot sauce lovers
Approx. Price: $16.99
Where to Buy: - Sriracha2Go Package

Star Wars Legos

What It Is: A Star Wars Snowspeeder kit with three figurines, including Luke Skywalker
Perfect For: Lego lovers, Star Wars fans, and kids at heart
Approx. Price: $24.99
Where to Buy: - LEGO Star Wars

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