MAK Tour 2016: A Peek Into 9 Modern LA Homes

On October 2nd, we had the pleasure of going on the 2016 MAK Tour in our local neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles. The self-guided tour took us through nine homes that are all great examples of modernist architecture and were designed by a handful of architects, some of whom, like Schindler and Lautner, are very well-known for their iconic buildings in Los Angeles. 

While all of the homes were quite different, they were each designed around the properties they were built upon to uniquely interact with the landscape of Los Angeles. The architects all seemed to share some common design principles: maximizing natural light, taking advantage of hillside views, and enabling indoor-outdoor living - all conducive to thoroughly enjoying Southern California's temperate climate. Each home was designed with quite a bit of customization, including built-in storage and furniture (sofas, desks, shelving, cabinets, etc) that remain today to influence the layout and use of many of the rooms. For the most part, everything has been streamlined with enormous attention to detail. 

My favorite part of the tour was being able to see how Lautner approached the Salkin House since I enjoyed visiting his Sheats Goldstein Residence so much. I really appreciated the modern angularity of the Salkin House from the slanted glass to the butterfly roof and even to the diagonal structural members inside the home. While we unfortunately weren't able to take photos on the interior, Trina Turk recently purchased and restored this property so I'm sure you'll be seeing it featured prominently in the near future! 

A few snapshots of each of the homes along the tour are shown below. Enjoy! 

Ross House

Raphael Soriano, 1938
Echo Park

Salkin House

John Lautner, 1948
Echo Park

Birtcher-Share House

Harwell Hamilton Harris, 1942
Mount Washington

Scholfield House 

James DeLong, 1953
Mount Washington

Orans House

Gregory Ain, 1941
Silver Lake

Alexander House

Harwell Hamilton Harris, 1940-41
Silver Lake

Oliver House

R.M. Schindler, 1934
Silver Lake

Daniel House

Gregory Ain, 1939
Silver Lake

Lipetz House

Raphael Soriano, 1936
Silver Lake

Which of these homes is your favorite? Do you know of any other great homes to tour in Los Angeles?