16 Must-Have Nursery Items for the Modern Tiki Baby

Ok, before anyone gets any ideas - no, we are not expecting.  We are just excited about our new niece who was born last week!  We still have plenty of Grog Logging, traveling, business-establishing, tikiing, and running to do before it's our turn.  Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to when the time comes.  This week, a new Land of Nod catalog arrived in the mail and I started flipping through it imaging what a Modern Tiki Lounge inspired baby room might look like.  I started picking out some stylish digs for my "dream nursery" and here's what I came up with.  This combination is sure to inspire future design enthusiasts right off the bat!  

$175 2Modern

$299 2Modern

$200 2Modern

$999 2Modern

$3175 YLiving

$999 YLiving