Modern Tiki Life: July 26, 2015

A weekly recap of snapshots documenting our adventures, happenings, eats, and cocktails.

Ran past this billboard on what was supposed to be a 5 mile run (we're training for our 4th Disneyland Half Marathon).  Despite liking LA very much back, we have not been enjoying its summer heat.  Ended up running 2, walking 3.  Womp womp. 

Put our pimento/allspice dram to good use this past Tiki Mug Monday by mixing up an Ancient Mariner

Attempted to do a family portrait for a selfie contest that the Shag Store was holding.  This was probably the best of our shots.  If you're curious about what we had in our cups, I had a Don's Daiquiri and Greg had a Derby Daiquiri (since National Daiquiri Day was last Sunday).  You can find both of those recipes in the Grog Log

But we ultimately went with this selfie because we felt it showed off our Shag drinkware best.  In the end, all participants ended up winning a $100 package of Shag Swag because the Shag Store is awesome :) 

And here's all the Shag Swag we won.  We somehow didn't have any of it in our collection yet! 

Worked from the comfort of home due to the LA heat (the Modern Tiki Lounge studio unfortunately does not have AC).  Gatsby fell asleep on the job. 

Headed over to the Tonga Hut for some more Grog Logging.  Ordered Don's Daiquiri to compare it to our own version we made at home for the photo session we had earlier in the week.  It was  delicious.  

Blogged about 8 books that convinced me to quit my 9-5 in favor of freelancing and starting up Modern Tiki Lounge.  This was one was a little more personal to me and described how some of this journey has unfolded. 

Walked this little guy (you know, the usual). 

Ventured over to the WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney to pick up the newly released Shag Jungle Cruise print for the 60th Anniversary celebration.  Also ended up snagging Adventureland and Tomorrowland prints from the 50th as well as a glass and some t-shirts with the new print on them.  Excited for the new additions to our collection! 

Headed next door to Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express after picking up our Shag merch.  We were in the mood for some beignets.

Yummm.  In case you missed it, we were recently in search of the best beignets

We got a pleasant surprise!  The Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express beignets are exponentially better than the ones served in the park at the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square.  Might even come in at #2 on our beignet rankings!

Found these great pins of two of our favorite rides at Disney's Pin Traders!

Also managed to get these out of a 60th Anniversary blind box!  Awesome since Alice and Tinker Bell are two of my favorite characters. 

Decided to check out the International Tiki Marketplace being held over at Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach. 

Tiki bar doors are kind of the best.

So many great tiki vendors! 

Couldn't leave Don the Beachcomber without having a couple of tiki drinks!  We got a Painkiller and a Mai Tai.  Still doesn't beat the Trader Vic's Mai Tai we had up north.  Sorry, Don.  

Closed out our week with a birthday celebration that involved a visit to the newest member of the family, Juliette.  She inspired a "Modern Tiki Baby" nursery design we came up with this week - check it out!  

'Til next week!