Modern Tiki Save the Dates

For those of you new to our wedding plans, we're in the process of figuring out all of the details of our upcoming wedding in August. It's going to have a mid-century modern tiki theme and we've been have a ton of fun figuring out how to carry that through every part of our plans. It's been super fun for us since we're both creative people but we are up against one major challenge: our meager budget. As a result, we've resolved to DIY as much of the wedding as possible and, to be honest, I can't wait to try my hand at flower arrangements and a custom photobooth backdrop! Our first DIY project was our "Will You Be My Junior Bridesmaid?" Boxes. More recently, we finally designed, printed, and shipped our Save the Dates! Want to know all about our process? Check out the details below!

1. We Found Sources of Inspiration

We began by filling up a Pinterest board and ordering some samples from Minted and Wedding Paper Divas.

After considering a whole slew of options that could go with our theme, we ultimately decided to model our Save the Date after a postcard. We were particularly inspired by this Tiki Caliente flyer we had picked up (the front, not pictured, was pretty cool, too): 

After picking a postcard format, we had to determine what to design for the front of it. We decided we wanted it to have a retro feel and to feature Los Angeles since many of our guests will be coming from out of town. As a result, we pulled some of our styling inspiration from one of our favorite artists, Josh Agle AKA Shag

Art: 995 skyline drive by josh agle; image via

Art: 995 skyline drive by josh agle; image via

2. We Sketched Out Some Ideas

Once we had an idea of what we wanted, we started roughly sketching out ideas. As much as I love digital technology, I always brainstorm best on paper. During this process, we decided we wanted to feature a vintage sign on the side of the road, because we love vintage signs

We also decided to feature our venue, the SmogShoppe, because we're super excited about it (and it looks pretty awesome from the outside). 


3. We Decided on a Rough Color Palette

Before we really started making our Save the Date for real, we determined the color palette. I wanted to strongly feature the main colors of our wedding (mint, turquoise, coral, and watermelon) so I focused on variations of those tones and decided I would try to keep a rather minimal range of colors. 

(This sketch is not in the tones I was using but helped me figure out where different colors could be featured.)

4. We Went Digital

Once we had a pretty good idea of how we wanted everything to look, we finally designed our Save the Dates digitally in Adobe Illustrator.

Here's how the front turned out in the end: 

And here's how the back turned out: 

5. We Got 'Em Printed

After researching the quality of many online print shops, we decided to go with Vistaprint to get our Save the Dates made. There's variability with cropping when using most printing services, so we wanted to make sure the border around our card was as consistent as possible. In the end, we were super happy with how they turned out!

6. We Printed Our Own Envelopes & Sent Them Off!

For the finishing touch, we bought some envelopes on Amazon, made a template in Illustrator, custom addressed every envelope, and printed them all at home on our Epson Workforce. After the envelopes were done, we filled them, sealed them, and added some postage. We were even able to find some great fern stamps to match our theme from the USPS. Then, our Save the Dates were off to our wedding guests!

We love how this whole project came together and so far we've gotten great feedback from our guests! 

Cost Breakdown

As for our total cost, here's how much these ended up setting us back: 

50 Postcards with Tax & Shipping from Vistaprint (and a coupon code): $23.40
50 Envelopes with Tax from Amazon: $9.52
40 Stamps from USPS: $19.60
TOTAL: $52.52

Not bad at all! 

Interested in having us design some Save the Dates for your own wedding or invites for any other upcoming celebrations? Feel free to shoot us an email at!

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