Modern Tiki Wedding in the Works!

This past Friday Greg proposed (and actually managed to surprise me big time)!  We've been together for almost four and a half years now so of course the answer was "yes."  Shortly after I had my own big question to pop: "sooooo....tiki wedding?"  And somehow, he was totally into that idea :) 

So here we are just a few days into fiancedom/fiancehood/engagement and we've completely fallen down the rabbit hole of venue searching and event planning.  I feel like figuring out the decorations (and associated DIY projects) is going to be fun and easy (we're both designers, after all).  And thanks to Pinterest and all of those great wedding sites/blogs out there, I have plenty of great inspiration.  

Via Decor by Smitten Events. Photo by Clinton Hussey.

Via  Photography by Danielle Capito Photography.

Via Invitations by Black Lab Studio. Photo by Anna Delores Photography.

This has the potential to look great and be really fun, right?  Our Modern Tiki Wedding Pinterest board is developing at a very rapid rate (and may or may not have been building over the past few years)! 

But, for now, it's time to focus!  The first major item to tackle is nailing down a venue.  Oh and P.S. living la vida freelance makes this even more daunting!!  We're financing the wedding ourselves so we're in major budget mode but also want to make sure we don't compromise TOO much. If we had all the money/influence in the world we'd probably be doing this at the Stahl House, Trader Sam's, the Sheats Goldstein Residence, Adventureland (Disneyland), the Tonga Hut (oh, wait, is that a possibility?), or [insert just about any architecturally significant building in LA here].  Here are some initial venues that look like they might fit our classy retro tiki theme well: 

SmogShoppe - Los Angeles

Because there's something nice about an open warehouse with an accompanying courtyard.  It at least feels like we could pretty much customize to our liking. 

via Photo by Maya Meyers Photography.

Don the Beachcomber - Huntington Beach 

I mean, it fits the theme perfectly.  And this couple's wedding looks great: 

Via  Photographs by Julie Pepin. 

Middleton Ranch - Acton

It just doesn't really get much more retro fab. 

Duke's - Malibu

Because it's themed appropriately and right on the water in Malibu!  Plus we went here one year for Valentine's Day and we got engaged along the beach. 

The hunt continues and we're certainly trying to be creative because, while some of the venues above may look close-to-perfect, they might end up being way out of budget.  Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated!  We can't wait to share our plans as they develop.  But most of all, we're excited to start this next chapter of our lives together!