Planning the Ultimate Hawaiian Honeymoon


Now that the dust has settled from our Modern Tiki Wedding, we've gotten in honeymoon planning mode. We are so so SO happy that we decided to hold off on our honeymoon until January since our wedding left us completely exhausted and our bank accounts were drained of the funds we'd need to really enjoy our vacation. Luckily, we created a honeymoon registry on Zola so many of the expenses for our honeymoon have already been paid for by our guests! 

Because we had to choose items (experiences, travel, meals, etc.) for our honeymoon registry (<- feel free to check it out if you're curious), we had to do our fair share of research on what we'd like to do in Hawaii many months ago. As a result, our honeymoon plans have come together fairly quickly! Want to know what we have in store? Check out our tentative itinerary below! 

Day 1: Fly to Oahu and check-in to Aulani

image credit: colin capelle via flickr under this license

We were originally planning to only visit Maui since Kelsi's already explored much of Oahu. At the same time, we love Disney parks & resorts so we've been dying to check out Aulani. We decided to tack a few extra days onto our trip to check it out while we're over there...okay and some other new sites on Oahu too! 

image credit: simon_sees via flickr under this license 

On Day 1, we'll be flying in on Hawaiian Airlines. We've never flown with them before but they look like a great airline. The seats by the window are only two across which is ideal for us. One of us gets the window and one of us gets the aisle. Fun fact: Hawaiian is the only airline that flies domestically and offers free meals! 

image credit: matt nunley via flickr under this license

Once we get to Oahu, we'll head over to Aulani to explore the resort and relax for the evening. Maybe we'll grab some small bites and a drink at the 'Olelo Room

Day 2: North Shore & the Dole Pineapple Plantation

image credit: andrew fitzhugh via flickr under this license

Kelsi's never been to the North Shore so we can't wait to explore that part of the island on Day 2. We've heard that the surf gets huge up north in the winter so we'd like to check it out in person. 

image credit: haycutter via flickr under this license

We'll explore a few beaches and sample some of the food options while we're up there as well. Right now we plan on trying the Aloha Shrimp food truck and Matsumoto Shave Ice. If anyone has other suggestions, please let us know! 

image credit: christian bucad via flickr under this license

On our way back, we're going to explore the Dole Pineapple Plantation because who could resist some Dole Whip straight from the source?!

image credit:  monkeypod kitchen

image credit: monkeypod kitchen

Once we get back to the resort area, we'll probably grab dinner & drinks at Monkeypod Kitchen. They serve one of our favorites there, the Pod Thai!  

Day 3: Resort Day!

image credit: katsuhiro7110 via flickr under this license

It seems like there's a ton to explore and experience at Aulani so we're making sure to leave a full day for that. We can't wait to check out the snorkeling, restaurants, bars, beaches, and all of the other activities on property that we can manage to fit in.

image credit: owen and aki via flickr under this license

We'll most likely grab breakfast at Ulu Cafe, lunch at Off the Hook, and dinner at 'AMA'AMA.

Day 4: Honolulu & tiki drinks

image credit: markus jobstl via flickr under this license

We couldn't visit an island in Hawaii without seeking out its best tiki bars so we're going to spend a day exploring the offerings in and around Honolulu. 

image credit: johnny silvercloud via flickr under this license

While in the city, we'll grab lunch at Tiki's Grill & Bar and drinks at the Mai Tai Bar at the Royal Hawaiian.

image credit: jason raia via flickr under this license

On our way back to the hotel, we plan to grab dinner & drinks on the outskirts of town at La Mariana Sailing Club. Based on the photos we've seen, we think we're going to have a lot of fun there! 

Day 5: Fly to Maui and check-in to the Hyatt Regency

image credit: kaiscapes media via flickr under this license

On Day 5, we'll leave Aulani & Oahu to fly over to Maui, a new island for both of us!

image credit: hyatt regency maui

We'll check into our room at the Hyatt Regency Maui.

Then, we'll head over to a nice dinner nearby on the water at Leilani's

Day 6: Road to Hana 

Image Credti: DirectDish via flickr under this license

Our first full day on Maui will be spent exploring all of the sites along the Road to Hana. We're so happy one of our guests bought us this excursion! After talking to people who have done this scenic drive before, we learned that it's much less stressful to take a guided tour since the road can be fairly difficult to drive along for much of the time. We're looking forward to being able to relax and look out the window of our tour van while getting the opportunity to experience some of the best sites along the way. 

image credit: jack via flickr under this license

After a long day of touring around, we'll probably grab a low-key dinner at Aloha Mixed Plate near our hotel.

Day 7: Sunrise at haleakala crater & wailea

image credit: jill via flickr under this license

We're going to get up super early to drive to the top of the Haleakala Crater to watch the sunrise over the clouds. We've heard this is an awesome experience but that it can be cold so we'll be sure to bundle up!

image credit: coconut's fish cafe

Afterwards, we'll head over to the Wailea Beach area to explore another part of Maui. While we're there, we plan to grab some food at Coconut's Fish Cafe and a drink at South Shore Tiki Bar.

image credit: staticantics via flickr under this license

If there's time, we'll try some beer samples at Maui Brewing Company

image credit: lahaina Grill

Later in the evening, when we're back near the hotel, we'll head to Lahaina Grill

Day 8: Resort Day

image credit: hyatt regency maui

Like the time we plan to spend at Aulani, we'd also like to take a day to really relax and enjoy the Hyatt Regency's pools and beach.

image credit: hyatt regency maui

Since we'll be able to go at our own pace, we'll probably enjoy breakfast at Swan Court

image credit: hyatt regency maui

They have a Grotto Bar which looks like a fun place to grab a drink!

image credit: corey harmon via flickr under this license

After a day at the resort, we'll head to the Old Lahaina Luau for dinner. 

Day 9: Snorkeling at the Molokini Crater 

image credit: scott james remnant via flickr under this license

On our last full day, we plan on taking a catamaran tour over to the Molokini Crater, the top of a volcano peeking out of the ocean, to go snorkeling. Greg's never been snorkeling so he's really excited for this day! 

image credit: henry fong via flickr under this license

For our last dinner on Maui, we'll head to a restaurant that just about everyone has recommended: Mama's Fish House. We can't wait to see if it lives up to the hype! 

Day 10: Fly Home

image credit: petey via flickr under this license

On our last day, we'll probably try to squeeze in a little last-minute shopping along with lunch at Star Noodle before heading to the airport. 

image credit: virgin america

Our flight out will be on Virgin America, our favorite domestic airline. We had enough points to cover this leg of the trip for free, bonus! 

I'm sure we won't be happy to be leaving Hawaii but, as with every trip, we'll be excited to get home to see our pup, Gatsby! 

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Have you been to Oahu or Maui before? Are we missing any big ticket items, restaurants, tiki bars, etc? Should we make any changes to our plans? Let us know! We still have a few months to go before our trip so we want to make sure we plan to do all of the best things we can fit in while we're there!